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Equality & Diversity Awareness


This course aims to explore the importance of recognising and valuing equality and diversity in the workplace and community.  It will enable staff to understand how their actions/inactions can result in discrimination either consciously or via ‘unwitting racism’.


  • Explain the meaning of the terms Equality and Diversity
  • List the nine protected characteristics of the Equality Act 2010
  • Identify recognised Human Rights and how this impacts on their role
  • Discuss the negative and positive impact of labels or stereotyping
  • Explain the meaning of ‘unwitting racism’
  • Explain the importance of inclusive language
  • Identify inclusive language
  • List five challenges to communications
  • List five solutions to reducing challenges to communication
  • Identify own self development needs (reflection)



Validation Period

3 Years


2 hours


This course is delivered in-house for a flat charge of £295 for up to twenty delegates attending.  All certificates and materials are included. No VAT is charged.

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