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Healthcare Professional CPR

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Healthcare Professional CPR (BLS)


This course is suitable for the Healthcare Professional such as General Practitioners, Dentists, Practice Nurses and relevant to non-clinical staff such as receptionists and administration staff.  It is delivered on your own premises making better use of your staffs time.

This course is focused on the unresponsive casualty, covering both Recovery Position and CPR at Basic Life Support level (BLS).  The course also covers use of a Defibrillator (AED) and Anaphylaxia.  Treatments for Babies, Children and Adults will be covered and a range of manikins will be available to practice on.

This course is registered with The CPD Group so is verifiable CPD.


  • Your role and safety
  • The Primary Survey
  • Unconscious casualty breathing – Recovery Position
  • Unconscious casualty not breathing – CPR
  • Use of a Defib
  • Causes, Recognition and Treatment of Anaphylaxia
  • Appropriate equipment

Defibrillator – Whether you have a Defibrillator (AED) on site or not, it is good to be confident in how to use one

Anaphylaxis – Recap on the causes and recognition of Anaphylaxis and how Auto-Injectors / Epinephrine / Adrenaline can be used as part of the treatment. Includes practice with the latest generation of Epipen®, Jext® and Emerade® Auto-Injectors.

All three modules will be delivered together as standard with a duration of 90 minutes.  Should you decide that you do not want all three modules, this is fine and is accommodated when booking below.  Please note that CPR is delivered first with a duration of 60 minutes.  Defib second at 15 minutes and Anaphylaxia last, again at 15 minutes.


Candidates must be physically fit and be able to carry out all the procedures detailed in the course. This will include kneeling on the floor.

Conditions of Training

  • Training to be delivered away from patient / customer reception if practice is open
  • Training to start on-time and keep to the allocated time slot
  • No new people to be admitted once the training session has started
  • No interruptions during the training sessions
  • Clear floor space to be available

Validation Period

12 months for clinicians, 36 months for non-clinicians


All three modules will be delivered together as standard with an expected duration of 120 minutes.  CPR is delivered first, Defib second and Anaphylaxia last.

Please note that the expected duration of 120 minutes is based on a maximum group size of 20.


Please contact us. All certificates and materials are included. No VAT is charged.

Frequently asked Questions

Do we have to pay in advance? You will be sent a copy of the invoice at the point of booking for information which will be due after the course has been completed
Can you bring the certificates to be issued on the day? Certificates are emailed once we have had the names confirmed by the organiser
Is there a maximum number of the course? Yes 20
Will each person receive a certificate? Yes (if they meet the criteria)
Is VAT is applied to the prices stated? No
What time can we have the course? Anywhere between 08:00 and 18:00, Mon-Fri, please ask us if you require training outside these hours
If you wish to discuss your requirements, please contact us.

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