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At First Emergence Ltd, we are privileged to have staff who have a background in Human Resources, Recruitment and Selection and most importantly of all, Inductions.

The Company Induction is important to establish the tone, principles and ethos of the organisation as well as cover regulatory requirements such as knowledge of Fire Exists as well as an overview of the environment in which the employees will be working.

We have worked with both high and low volume recruitment.

High Volume Recruitment:

The company required a headcount of 250 temporary staff for their computer hardware assembly plant for their busy summer period.  They required 24 people to be started each week on three separate days.  Their induction was a mixture of facility tour, regulatory requirements, form filling and some specific training on handling some of their more sensitive components.  This was all completed in a two hour window.

The second year we worked with this company, we also conducted their interview and selection process which consisted of a short face to face interview followed by a short practical activity.  We interviewed over 600 people to fill the 250 vacancies and have a back-fill list.

Low Volume Recruitment:

The company had a number of people to start over a period of three months.  We were able to facilitate an induction over 2 days that covered an Emergency First Aid at Work Course, a Fire Marshal course as well as the expected facility tour, form filling and overview of their organisation.

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